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RENZACCI S.p.A. - Industria Lavatrici today is considered worldwide the company leader in the field of the technology and equipment for industrial washing and dry cleaning capable of offering the widest, completest and most innovative range of solutions in the field of the dry cleaning and washing machines and spin dryers.  Has reached its current position thanks to the experience of almost 50 years matured in the dry cleaning and washing field and the treatment of textile goods and fabrics.  A production facility with a central unit of approx. 20,000 sq.m, of which about 15,000 sq.m are covered and equipped with all the most advanced technologies existing on the market today.

As the exclusive Renzacci and Fimas distributor in Florida I am proud to represent the industry leaders in quality and innovation.  We are dedicated to offering the highest quality laundry and dry cleaning equipment while providing great customer service.  We provide our customers with a fair and honest evaluation of their facility and will match them with the best equipment for their situation.  

FIMAS Srl , born in Vigevano in 1986, is a dynamic company, which grew up and quickly strengthened inside the Laundry sector. This reality could rely not only on its own strength and energy but also on the experience and on the innovation technology of Macpi SpA Pressing Division Company, worldwide leader in the manufacturing of pressing machine for the Garment Industry.  Fimas offers a wide range of high quality and flexibility machinery, such as steaming cabinets (with or without doors), dummies, vacuum, blowing and steaming ironing tables (with interchangeable shapes), spotting tables and pressing machines, able to satisfy the different working realities.